7 Figure Productivity Bootcamp

Create Your 1-Page Productive Plan To Achieve Monk Like Discipline & Confidence in 2022

Get Proven Productivity Strategies to Scale Your Career to Next Level Using this 5-Day Mission Journey

Without Boring To-Do Lists, Laziness or Working Long Stressful Hours Even If you wasted a lot of time earlier!

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Productivity Expert

I'm able to Systemize Myself & My Business to Next Level using Ramesh's Simplified Productivity Frameworks
- Gopal Krishnan, CEO of Visual Marketing!

Attention: Working Professionals, High Dream Entrepreneurs & Committed Business Owners…

I have UnCovered (after 5 Years of intensive research) 


To Become Super Productive & Monk Like Discipline Easily

That Almost Nobody knows about this…!


❌ Missing Deadlines

❌ Sacrificing Quality Time with your Family

❌Laziness & Digital Distractions  

In 2014, I was:

  • Shy & Introverted

  • Cannot Speak English at all

  • Wasting Time on Too Much Gaming

  • Average Student

  • Even don’t know the spelling of Productivity


But something inside me “SPARKED” about my Dreams…


It was not that easy, I sacrificed every vacation, entertainment and break to become Productive in my career…

Tried 100+ Habits, Frameworks & Routines 

Slowly dots connecting backwards…
Last year My 5 Years of Rigorous Effort Become Fruitful…

✅ Got Software Job in a Product Based Company

✅ Build (Almost) 7 Figure Business Online

✅ Created 150+ Warrior Community called Productivity Empire

✅ Learned 13+ Skills in the Journey

Along with that…

Writing my Upcoming Block Buster Book: 

7 Figure Productivity


🔥 Systemize Your Routines

🔥  Focus Like Monk

🔥 Scale Your Career


Powerful Results after this Bootcamp…

This Bootcamp is a 

FIVE DAY LIVE  (Warrior Mission) Journey

where you will learn:

Mission #1: Productive Planning

💠 How to PLAN YOUR ENTIRE YEAR in 5 Minutes?

💠 In-depth GRANULAR CALENDAR Strategy to Plan Your Days

💠 Build Your Weekly Rhythm of Productivity

💠 7 Figure Productivity Monthly & Weekly Planners to take home!


Mission #2: Warrior Mindset Foundation

💠 How to Kill Negative Thoughts & Over-Thinking?

💠 Million Dollar Mindset Routine to make you Strong Internally

💠 Italian Method of Get Back to Track Faster

💠 Build Your Inner Resillience using 10-Question Test ( takes just 30 sec)


Mission #3: Prioritize Like CEO

💠 Value-Based Prioritization for Long Term Results

💠 How to SAY NO Strategically Without Getting Afraid or losing people

💠 How to Eliminate “LOW HANGING ACTIVITIES” from your Routine?

💠 Powerful UHIT Flow of your Ultradian Rhythm!


Mission #4: Focus Like Monk

💠 My 5.5 Hour Focus Framework with LIVE Exercise?

💠 How to Kill 5 Types of Distractions (Including DIGITAL) Completely

💠 Focus Like Monk Template to Improve Your Focus Faster

💠 5 Must Have Apps to Double Your Focus!


Mission #5: Scale Your Productivity

💠 How to Become 100% Consistent in any Goal & Habit?

💠 Warrior Accountability System 

💠 How to Convert Your Goals into Simplified (Daily) Metrics Faster?

💠 Data Driven Decisions while building up the Momentum

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Claim These FREE Bonuses
With This Bootcamp

Bonus #1:

7 Figure Productive Day

The Ultimate 60-Min Course to Build Your Perfect Day


🎯  How to Build Perfect Morning Routine?
🎯 How to Build YOUR EVERYDAY Rhythm without Wasting Time randomly?
🎯 Copy of 7 Figure Daily Performance Tracker

Bonus #2:

66 Day Productive Challenge

Action Oriented Email Lessons with Specific Action Steps
🎯  One Email per day for 66 Days 
🎯 Powerful Resources, tests and Insights about Your Productivity
🎯 Customized Lessons based on your inputs

Bonus #3:

7 Figure Weekly & Monthly Planners

Simple yet Elegant Planners to Track the Work
🎯  Plan Entire Month in 10 Minutes & Week in 2 Minutes using these Planners
🎯 One “QUICK” Glance for your Entire Future
🎯 Easily Customized Based on Your Goals

Bonus #4:

7 Figure Productivity Bootcamp Workbook 

Action Oriented Workbook To Fill and Revise
🎯  This Workbook gives you the entire Bootcamp Journey!
🎯 Resources to use for the reference after the bootcamp
🎯 Easy to TAKE A PRINT-OUT & Use

Bonus #5:

Productivity Warrior Library

A Collection of 33 Books  that changed my life
🎯  Divided into Section-Wise like Productivity, Wealth, Time Management etc.,
🎯 Every Book I have chewed and digested and read more than 3 times 
🎯 Given the LINKS for each book to grab it immediately 

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here is why…
I will only choose Handful of 20 People per Batch to give the personalized impact and wonderful experience to everyone in the Bootcamp…
If this page still exists, then Final Slots left for the upcoming batch. But I reserve to pull it down once we hit 20 spots. 
Morever, I’m really not sure about the Next Batch due to my Busy Schedule & Other Priorities!

Here is my "100% Money Back"
Warrior Guarantee

100% Guarantee that you will LOVE THIS bootcamp  or I will give your 100% money back or keep all the resources with you anyway.


That’s right. You don’t even have to worry too much. Just email me or Whatsapp Me just ONE MESSAGE with your Payment Reference and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sounds Fair?

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join "Bootcamp" Today!


✅ 7 Figure Productivity Bootcamp     (₹ 9,999 Value)

✅ 7 Figure Productivity Day Course    (₹ 2,999 Value)

✅ 66 Day Productivity Challenge         (₹ 1,999 Value)

✅ 7 Figure Weekly & Monthly Planner (₹ 1,999 Value)

✅ 7 Figure Bootcamp Workbook             (₹ 999 Value)

✅ Productivity Warrior Library              (₹  2,999 Value)

Total Value: ₹ 20,994

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Ramesh Yadav!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Bootcamp is completely LIVE for 5 days – Each Session is 45Mins. to 60 Mins long. You will get 100x the Impact in the LIVE Sessions. You will get RECORDINGS as well for revision or incase if you miss any session!

I will show you the Power of Value Prioritization to eliminate the unnecessary and low hanging activities so that you have enough time to finish your UHIT(Ultra High Important Tasks) faster without worrying about deadlines.

You will be equipped with the Productivity Rhythm, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planning along with Warrior Accountability. Your part is just execute the simple routines everyday by following the planners. It’s as simple as that.

Yes. This Will help you to solve your Procrastination Problem From roots and get rid of it completely.

Yes. This will help you to create your own productive routines and tweak them based on the results you create for yourself easily.

Yes. This Will help you to understand why you’re addicted to attractive things and tell you the step by step framework to come out of it.